Erica Soule

Once upon a time, the Ruckus Test Team would meet for our Saturday rides at an inner SE industrial coffee shop where Erica worked as a barista. Over weeks and months, we learned that Erica was a track racer, a tandem enthusiast, a pitbull lover, and a partner to that Stephen guy we often saw crashing during cross races. We’ve been proud to have her on board as a teammate and we’re looking forward to many vegan group dinners in the future.


  • Met Stephen because of Deep-Vs
  • Former equestrian
  • Jens Lekman wrote a song about her (Erica America)

Marayah Deese

Marayah is the rare Ruckus Test Team member who can actually answer a question about carbon fiber repair when approached at a cross race. A savant at track, cyclocross, and mountain biking, Marayah racks up big miles and big instagram likes. Perhaps our most sartorially competent member, Marayah brings a breath of fresh air to the team.


  • Has ridden more features at Syncline than any other RTT member
  • Technically gifted. Races track anyway.
  • Raced and won the most races of anyone on the Ruckus Test Team in 2016

Erin Playman

Erin joined the Test Team on the exclusive condition that she would never have to race and she’s held up her promise perfectly. Erin spends her time shredding unknown ridgelines, taking photos of raccoons in trash cans, and fighting for police accountability. An old Ruckus Test Team legend says, if you say the word “Playman” three times to a mirror at midnight you’ll be blessed with an unlimited supply of punctured tubes to patch at your disposal (but you’ll never patch them, let’s be honest).


  • Owner of not one but TWO novelty Instagram accounts
  • Challenging Tyler for “most bikes that aren’t ready to ride right now.”
  • Doesn’t bail out. Bails IN.

Jason Britton

Jason has worn many different helmets over years: Seattle bike messenger, polo player, bikepacking gravel tour operator, and now 30-something white dude in the singlespeeds. Always up for a post-work Forest Park cruise or a weekend of finding yourself in the woods, Jason injects some much-needed “can-do” spirit into our team’s milquetoast milkshake.


  • Challenging Tyler for most bikes
  • Most likely to ride with a BB gun
  • Voted “Most-Prepared Chef,” “Outstanding Shuttle Operator” and “Best Barista on a Rock” (our only three awards) on the 2016 Ruckus Test Team Mystery Point Campout

Krissy Brunsman

Krissy has been a friend of the team for a long time and in the past year, we’ve been lucky to add her to our roster in a joint deal with the Green Subs. To pass the long winters, Krissy can often be found working the Green Line at the Lumberyard, infinitely refining her lines and technique to perfection.  Between her enthusiasm for life, hard working attitude, and friendliness to all, Krissy is a true outlier on the Ruckus Test Team.


  • Never not smiling
  • Seems to ride with some guy named Joe a lot
  • Won a Cross Crusade race

Tyler Bump

Tyler Bump has a locker at city hall and major sway with the NWTA. Mr. Bump spends his days as a slick City Hall insider, greasing palms and kissing babies. But he spends his nights in Forest Park, “commuting” home to St. Johns with 1000 lumens on his head and 24 ounces in his coozie.

  • most likely to run for mayor
  • owns 13 bicycles (2 in working condition)
  • middle finger braker
  • has spent more time lost in the woods by himself on a single-speed than on group rides
  • 3rd place, Six Hours of Mount Hood, Open Single Speed

Stephen Laurent

Stephen Laurent dove into racing head-first and yes we do mean that he literally crashed head-first into the ground frequently and spectacularly. He’s got grit, determination, and a chip on his shoulder — just our type!

  • Recently upgraded from racing cyclocross on a 1970s touring bike
  • Between track and Blind Date at the Dairy, 75% of his races are at Alpenrose
  • Not afraid to wear his normal glasses in the A race.
  • INTJ – “The Scientist”

Shawn Small

Shawn was born in a manger in rural Wisconsin and greeted by three wise engineers, bearing Space Bucks, carbon fiber sheets, and an electric sander. Little Shawn was bound for great things.

  • most likely to go public
  • lactose-intolerant son of a dairy farmer
  • has never won a race
  • frequently encouraging teammates to buy new parts, claiming that “it only costs, what, 70 bucks?” (actual price: $184.97)
  • -ENTJ – “The Executive”

Richard Fattic

Ride anything in the West hills on any evening and you’ll probably run into Richard. Richard is a Test Team lifer. He’s been with us since day one and we guess he’ll be making Council Crest runs long after the rest are old and brittle.

  • rode 7,236 miles in 2013
  • toured in the currently contested region of Crimea
  • just won a race yesterday*
  • has a dedicated doo-rag drawer
  • has spent more hours racing PIR than some of our members have spent riding a bike.

*this will probably be accurate enough any time

Paul Johnson

Paul is that teammate who shows up on a heavy, janky, overly-suspended bike and somehow does super well. In addition to being a natural, Paul has ridden BMX from a young age, so he can pretty much huck/jump/hop anything. And he founded our sponsor bag maker, Blaq Paks.

  • personal Ruckus seamstress
  • only teammate to still never have responded to the listserve (edit: he broke)
  • Not afraid to descend deep gravel FS roads on 25mm Gatorskins
  • Also not afraid to pinch flat twice within a single descent
  • Never trains
  • Still faster than you