Blind Date at the Dairy – Week 2

This past week I was given the go ahead to try to start riding. I’m comfortable on the hoods but any bump feels terrible. Still not ready to race cyclocross so that means more time taking photos.
This week at Blind Date, Brian defended his jersey, David got third at the end of a great battle with Beardsley, and Shawn got 2nd in his B race.

Blind Date at the Dairy - Week 2

Great Deviations: The Ruckus Test Team rides the 2015 Oregon Stampede

Great Deviations

No longer benefitting from Donnie’s organization and the promotional backing of Velodirt et al, this year’s edition of the storied Oregon Stampede was a lightly-attended affair. You basically had to remember that it was happening and on which day. Lucky for us, four Ruckus Test Teammates did. We lined up alongside nine other men and women at 7 a.m. in the Deschutes State Recreation Area parking lot.

With no leader to tell us otherwise, we split down the middle in our opinions about which direction to go. Rather than come to a consensus, everyone agreed it would be more comical to ride in opposite directions and “high-five in the middle.”

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Blind Date at the Dairy – Week 1

I enjoy bike racing. Since I can’t be out there myself, I’ve enjoyed watching my teammates and friends riding in circles.
Last night Starla and Coach came away with wins and the rest of the team raced really well.

Blind Date at the Dairy - Week 1

Doubling Down

Jill and I drove out to Spokane for the “Double Down Hoe Down.” It’s a locally organized race just outside of town. And I mean JUST…like 5 minutes from Gonzaga U. My first impressions of the area/trails were that they were unbelievably well maintained (especially with the density of man-made features), and terrifying. Continue reading “Doubling Down”

Congrats Coach!

The Ruckus Test Team would like to offer a hearty congratulations to our own Brian “Coach” Kesselman for taking the overall win in the 3/4s at the Gorge Roubaix this past weekend!!!
Ruckus correspondent Dan G has Brian quoted as saying this was “Redemption for last year”.
The management at the Ruckus Test Team would also like to put all other Cat 3 riders on notice that Brian is hungry to inflict pain and shred lesser fools (our words, not his). Look for a full race report from the Coach himself in the next week.