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Soggy Yeti

I’m a big fan of riding things that are fun. Take my Friday ride at Scappoose last week as an example. It is still raining in Portland, and we’re well into June.  I ignored my previously placed resolution about “never riding there when it’s wet again” citing, in by brain, that “it didn’t rain that much.” It’s not that I don’t like that place, and it’s awesome to have so much singletrack that is essentially on my way home from work. I just really, really, really prefer riding there when it’s bone dry. (more…)

Mr Merkle’s Wild DH Race




I always wanted to race DH…I started the weekend early after having one of my worst weeks-to-date at work.  150hrs in a week is a little much (someone tell that to my boss).  In fact, I don’t think I got more than 3 consecutive hours of sleep that entire week.  Glad to have decided to take several comp-days (on my own accord), I left early Friday morning and drove out to Port Angeles hoping to put some runs in to see what the track was going to be like.  By the time I got there, things were already winding down, but I was able to get two runs in before they shut the shuttles down.  If I could use just one word to describe the trails there, it would be “intimidating.” (more…)

Stottlemeyer 60: Beer and Mud in Kitsap

AFY Stottle

May 10th was the 2014 Stottlemeyer 60, my first endurance MTB race ever and only my second MTB race on the year. Tyler, Max, and Dan G had raced a few NW Epic Series races last year and had nothing but good things to say. So although I’d never even ridden 60 miles on a MTB, even in a non-race setting, I was pumped to try Stottlemeyer out and see if I had the legs and lungs to last for 60 miles.


Throttlemeyer 60 (aka 6 hours of growlers)

Around eight weeks ago I separated my shoulder and was sling ridden for awhile. I was off the bike for around six weeks and wasn’t able to really do anything. My fitness, flexibility and strength were plummeting. But I already signed up for the Stottlemeyer 60 mtb race on the Kitsap Peninsula (yay peer pressure!). Before this race I had only been on my mtb once since my accident and while I had logged some road miles they weren’t really enough to consider myself ready for a 60 mile mtb race. So I significantly lowered my expectations.

Wrong Way on Burgdorfer Road


Shawn and I (David) have become fairly obsessed with the Oregon Outback, talking a lot about tents (me), base miles (Shawn), Tyvek (me), bags (both), and spreadsheets (both).

We’ve acquired a small army battion’s supply of gear and we were excited to get out and give this stuff a run for its money ($lots of money$)!

We took off after work on Friday, bound for the Banks-Vernonia Trail and L.L. Stubb-Stewart State Park.


Mid Pack Weaponry at the Gorge Roubaix

Four years ago, I finally felt like I had the tools to get out of the road Cat 4s and into the Cat 3s. I’d spent the winter in Chicago training seriously and was working with a coach. I’d planned an early season of races that played to my strengths, and I’d even done some weight lifting. But after getting crashed out of 3 of the first 4 crits of the year, I said fuck it, and decided to accept that I’d be a Cat 4 road-dogg for life. Since then, even though I’ve given up hope on doing well, I still like to do a road race or two a year and I decided that in 2014, one of those would be the Gorge Roubaix. A newer OBRA race that combines gravel and tarmac on some of the best roads found directly behind the Dalles.


ECHO Red 2 Red

Echo just like most XC races (except mudslinger…) always end up being way more fun than I ever remember.

The morning started off really cold with temps in the 19 F range and only a supposed high of 29 for the day. One of the many ‘features’ of this race includes a blistering 20+ mph neutral rollout down a paved road and gravel road before the first singletrack. This year I was better situated and hung with the lead group for the first 5 miles which was being driven by Barry Wicks, so…. real fast. All this effort made me overheat and I had to pull over to take my coat off. This when maybe 20 people went by me (Loren/DanG included).