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6 weeks and 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo

We landed in Phoenix Wednesday night, giving us a couple days to acclimate and get ready for the race on Saturday. How did we get here? At one of the largest 24 hour races in the country with only six weeks of training? Are we fucked? Are we ok? Why is it so warm?

The first weekend of January I had IMed Shawn asking if he would consider doing the race as a two person team after Cristina and Erin had to back out. We were already planning on going as support and looking forward to perhaps not riding as much and when we did ride – long leisurely rolls with hot dog and milkshake stops. Not preparing for a long ass race. How does one prepare for something like this anyway? (more…)

The Ruckus Test Team Goes To Astoria


Krissy BW




 Part 1 – Krissy’s Story:                      From Wake-Up to Take-Off                 

6:45am alarm goes off. I am still full from Thanksgiving dinner the night before and a bit hazy from the beers and whiskey. I put the coffee on and forced some breakfast down. It’s raining. But it’s not cold (in the 50s). I put my scuba bike gear on as all the weather apps tell me it’s going to rain all day. (more…)

NWSSCX Equal Opportunity. Unequal Payout.

Ben is hosting a race on November 15th in Corvallis. Along with the traditional categories there is an elevated Women’s Single Speed event which will be part of a (hopefully) larger series for single-speeders.

Everyone knows SS ladies have more fun. (If ya didn’t, now ya do.)

And girl oh girl do we have a race to prove it. We’ve built a special course with interesting twists and turns, a few kegs of great beer, great people, and – dun dun dun – Huge payouts for the Women’s single speed field! Gals bring your guys, but there’s no payout for guys except a super fun course and gag prizes.

Ruckus Composites is excited to announce the first annual NWSSCX race featuring a women’s single-speed category during the Corvallis Cross Classic on November 15, 2014. We have reworked the schedule a bit to have the women’s SS field race at 3:30 during the open SS field.

More info here and on Facebook

It’s going to be super fun!

SLD and friends get down and dusty at the Oregon Stampede

The Stampede is an easy ride to commit to.

People bring it up early in the year, usually in April or May, when the Rapture or Outback happens. “Oh, no, I’m not ready for anything like that yet, but do you wanna do the Stampede with me?” It’s in September. That’s practically ‘cross season. That’s a long way off. So, as you would expect. it’s the day before and I haven’t prepared at all: (more…)

Hike-A-Biking the Colorado Trail

I rode the Colorado Trail last month with a couple of former roommates and 400 Smith Racing alums from Fort Collins.

You can find a more painstakingly detailed report with advice, statistics and existential thoughts about the psychological implications of bikepacking here.

But the crucial figures are the following: The Colorado Trail bike route is a 535-mile through-biking route that traverses eight mountain ranges; it stays above 10,000 feet most of the time; it tops out at 13,271 feet; it took us nine days; we still didn’t come close to finishing.


We had to start a day later than planned because of our ride situation falling apart, but I was happy to have one extra night acclimating at only 5,500 feet. On Saturday, we drove across the beautiful stateof Colorado, from Boulder to Durango, in a rental Buick Enclave. Gas wasn’t cheap, but the AC was effective and we had absolutely no (more…)


(This is told out of order, I hope it makes sense)

As we walked our bikes along the cliff between the top of the wooded single track and the open Plains of Abraham, despite a few of us still having our lights on, you could already tell it was going to be an amazing night.  We crossed paths with two other groups of riders, they were headed down.  Why?!  Things were just getting good.  It was now about 11:30, maybe midnight.  We all turned our lights on after clearing the cliffs, passed some tents and rolled down to the creek crossing. (more…)

Accidental Enduro at Yacolt Burn


This past Saturday, Max, Preston and I all headed up to Yacolt Burn/ Clear creek to do a little mountain biking. Just the night before I was trying (I am my own mechanic) to bring my full suspension up to some sort of riding standard and failing flailing. Having never been to those trails, I texted Max asking if the hard tail was ok. He thought it would be. (Spoiler alert- it was but man oh man would have been a lot better full squished.) (more…)