36 Hours in Bend

I hope I didn’t talk too much this weekend about how pumped I am to be the newest member of the Ruckus Test Team. It’s been on my mind a lot since spending 36 hours in Bend getting to know the team, dressing up like a sexy dancer, and racing a couple of Cross Crusade races. Sitting here a few days later, I’m trying to sort out my memories and decide which was the most interesting part of the weekend.

PDX Trophy Cup final week; speedo race

Heading into the last Trophy Cup, David was in close contention for the win with Steven and Cliff. A few things needed to happen to get him to the top step, one of which was to employ the “speedo rule” where the rider would get double the points if they raced in a speedo. Unfortunately, the other part of the plan was to hope that the other fellas didn’t do the same. They did. It was a great race to watch and David ended up on the podium in second. Great job! (more…)

Battle at Barlow 2015

Recovering from our respective hand injuries, Andrew and I went to watch the Barlow races. Shawn was the only one to make the long trek to Gresham to run up the famous rail ties.
Good job, Shawn!

Battle At Barlow 2015

Doubling Down

Jill and I drove out to Spokane for the “Double Down Hoe Down.” It’s a locally organized race just outside of town. And I mean JUST…like 5 minutes from Gonzaga U. My first impressions of the area/trails were that they were unbelievably well maintained (especially with the density of man-made features), and terrifying. (more…)

Congrats Coach!

The Ruckus Test Team would like to offer a hearty congratulations to our own Brian “Coach” Kesselman for taking the overall win in the 3/4s at the Gorge Roubaix this past weekend!!!
Ruckus correspondent Dan G has Brian quoted as saying this was “Redemption for last year”.
The management at the Ruckus Test Team would also like to put all other Cat 3 riders on notice that Brian is hungry to inflict pain and shred lesser fools (our words, not his). Look for a full race report from the Coach himself in the next week.

Echo Red to Red 2015

How should I mentally prepare for my first-ever mountain bike race?  I really had no idea what to expect, so I asked friends.

A few members of the Ruckus Test Team had raced Echo before, so I started with their advice. (more…)

6 weeks and 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo

We landed in Phoenix Wednesday night, giving us a couple days to acclimate and get ready for the race on Saturday. How did we get here? At one of the largest 24 hour races in the country with only six weeks of training? Are we fucked? Are we ok? Why is it so warm?

The first weekend of January I had IMed Shawn asking if he would consider doing the race as a two person team after Cristina and Erin had to back out. We were already planning on going as support and looking forward to perhaps not riding as much and when we did ride – long leisurely rolls with hot dog and milkshake stops. Not preparing for a long ass race. How does one prepare for something like this anyway? (more…)

NWSSCX Women’s Single Speed Race Recap

It all started a few months ago when Shawn emailed Krissy, Hazel and me, stating the obvious (Single Speed women don’t have their own field) and adding that it would be really cool to have more ladies join the SS dark side, perhaps even hosting the Women’s SSCX Championship race? It ended with “I would love to hear your guys’ feedback on such things”.