Anyone Riding?

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Stand With Planned Parenthood

Many of the members of the Ruckus Test Team have been energized and activated by—to put it mildlyrecent developments in American politics.

So when I found myself in a scheduling dilemma between leading the Ruckus Test Team Saturday ride and also planning to stand in solidarity with Planned Parenthood and resist a “Defund Planned Parenthood” rally, I pitched to the team that we combine our political activism with our ride, and do the following route:



Winter Riding Program- Week 1

Last year we started a program where a different team member would lead Saturday rides for a month. While the meeting spot remained the same, the routes were often wildly different with regard to who the organizer was. The ultimate goals included getting the team together, staying fit through the long winter months, and learning new routes. (more…)

Angel’s Staircase MTB Ride – Methow Valley WA – August 13 2016


Like a spiral, moving ever further from its point of origin, any long-term Portland mountain biker will slowly but surely find themselves looking for trails further and further from home; you can only ride Hood River, Oakridge, and Bend so many times before you begin to crave a different vista, a bigger climb, a longer descent. In this spirit, I performed an internet search and learned about Angel’s Landing in far North Central Washington. I enlisted David and Dan, and waited patiently as the stars, meteors, and fork stanchions aligned and we hit the road on a Friday after work.