CycloCross Crusade Day 8: The Ryan Weaver interview

In this episode, D-Bow makes like Craig Sager and interviews his foil, Ryan “Weaver” Weaver, MID RACE, Inside the Element. They discuss race strategy, parenthood, “World Championships” and if mud is flammable or not amongst other things.

BAH Update from Heron Lakes

The crew runs into the podium contenders for the Best Area Hair. We talk about inspiration (none) and technique (some).
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CycloCross Crusade Cascade Locks Days 3 + 4

This week the Team heads to the city of Cascade Locks, Oregon to compete in the CycloCross Crusade’s second double header of the series. Traditionally this has been a bumpy course but a heavy storm system turned the course into soupy creeks and puddles.