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Winter Riding Program- Week 1

Last year we started a program where a different team member would lead Saturday rides for a month. While the meeting spot remained the same, the routes were often wildly different with regard to who the organizer was. The ultimate goals included getting the team together, staying fit through the long winter months, and learning new routes. (more…)

Oregon Stampede – 2016

The Oregon Stampede is invariably a long day in the saddle. Our bud, Dan, has done a very good job of the run down and run up to the ride over on his blog: Benedicto. Our experience, while not necessarily mirroring his, is similar enough that we can skip the great details that may or may not make this unique.

Dalles Mountain 60 in brief

Oh how my heart pounds
green mountains giant pearl blades spin
how do I climb again

So far, so good #dallesmountain60 #dm60 #DallesBuyersClub

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Doing lots of this today.

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Sometimes it's unclear what the joke actually is, but it's nice when most everyone seems in on it #dm60

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The Monolith #2016dallesodyssey #dallesmountain60 // 📸 @campagnoloflyer

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SSCXWC Victoria Photos

A few members of the team drove some cars, then hopped on a ferry, and then arrived in beautiful Victoria, BC. The details from that point are hazy, but we know that there were singlespeeds, pampdrank, literal alley cats, exotic potato chips, snow barriers, and cheating (so much cheating). (more…)

PDX Trophy Cup final week; speedo race

Heading into the last Trophy Cup, David was in close contention for the win with Steven and Cliff. A few things needed to happen to get him to the top step, one of which was to employ the “speedo rule” where the rider would get double the points if they raced in a speedo. Unfortunately, the other part of the plan was to hope that the other fellas didn’t do the same. They did. It was a great race to watch and David ended up on the podium in second. Great job! (more…)

Battle at Barlow 2015

Recovering from our respective hand injuries, Andrew and I went to watch the Barlow races. Shawn was the only one to make the long trek to Gresham to run up the famous rail ties.
Good job, Shawn!

Battle At Barlow 2015

Blind Date at the Dairy – Week 2

This past week I was given the go ahead to try to start riding. I’m comfortable on the hoods but any bump feels terrible. Still not ready to race cyclocross so that means more time taking photos.
This week at Blind Date, Brian defended his jersey, David got third at the end of a great battle with Beardsley, and Shawn got 2nd in his B race.

Blind Date at the Dairy - Week 2