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Stand With Planned Parenthood

Many of the members of the Ruckus Test Team have been energized and activated by—to put it mildlyrecent developments in American politics.

So when I found myself in a scheduling dilemma between leading the Ruckus Test Team Saturday ride and also planning to stand in solidarity with Planned Parenthood and resist a “Defund Planned Parenthood” rally, I pitched to the team that we combine our political activism with our ride, and do the following route:



Great Deviations: The Ruckus Test Team rides the 2015 Oregon Stampede

Great Deviations

No longer benefitting from Donnie’s organization and the promotional backing of Velodirt et al, this year’s edition of the storied Oregon Stampede was a lightly-attended affair. You basically had to remember that it was happening and on which day. Lucky for us, four Ruckus Test Teammates did. We lined up alongside nine other men and women at 7 a.m. in the Deschutes State Recreation Area parking lot.

With no leader to tell us otherwise, we split down the middle in our opinions about which direction to go. Rather than come to a consensus, everyone agreed it would be more comical to ride in opposite directions and “high-five in the middle.”


Concrete Vendetta III – The Heron Lakes Monolith

The ambiance riding the short straightaway into “the Monolith” became a cacophony of fear and unheard cheers every lap as the course tape closed in to form a tunnel of heavy expectation. “He’s gonna jump it!” I heard someone announce from far away. But I couldn’t make out anything else as my focus turned entirely to my fingers on the brake levers:  “GET AWAY FROM THE BRAKE LEVERS! GET AWAY FROM THE BRAKE LEVERS!” My thoughts had become completely dissociated from my actions. “GET AWAY FROM THE BRAKE LEVERS!” And suddenly I was on top, shoving my weight behind my saddle for the ride-off, and sprinting away to the one thousand cheers for which I would risk one thousand rims.


Hike-A-Biking the Colorado Trail

I rode the Colorado Trail last month with a couple of former roommates and 400 Smith Racing alums from Fort Collins.

You can find a more painstakingly detailed report with advice, statistics and existential thoughts about the psychological implications of bikepacking here.

But the crucial figures are the following: The Colorado Trail bike route is a 535-mile through-biking route that traverses eight mountain ranges; it stays above 10,000 feet most of the time; it tops out at 13,271 feet; it took us nine days; we still didn’t come close to finishing.


We had to start a day later than planned because of our ride situation falling apart, but I was happy to have one extra night acclimating at only 5,500 feet. On Saturday, we drove across the beautiful stateof Colorado, from Boulder to Durango, in a rental Buick Enclave. Gas wasn’t cheap, but the AC was effective and we had absolutely no (more…)

Wrong Way on Burgdorfer Road


Shawn and I (David) have become fairly obsessed with the Oregon Outback, talking a lot about tents (me), base miles (Shawn), Tyvek (me), bags (both), and spreadsheets (both).

We’ve acquired a small army battion’s supply of gear and we were excited to get out and give this stuff a run for its money ($lots of money$)!

We took off after work on Friday, bound for the Banks-Vernonia Trail and L.L. Stubb-Stewart State Park.