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Angel’s Staircase MTB Ride – Methow Valley WA – August 13 2016


Like a spiral, moving ever further from its point of origin, any long-term Portland mountain biker will slowly but surely find themselves looking for trails further and further from home; you can only ride Hood River, Oakridge, and Bend so many times before you begin to crave a different vista, a bigger climb, a longer descent. In this spirit, I performed an internet search and learned about Angel’s Landing in far North Central Washington. I enlisted David and Dan, and waited patiently as the stars, meteors, and fork stanchions aligned and we hit the road on a Friday after work.


Making Shadows at the Silver Star Prison Break

With classic reggae spilling out of David’s newly-installed sound system, we drove past the packed parking lot of riders getting ready for the Silver Star Prison Break. We were running late and made it there 5 minutes before the start. Luckily, we pulled in right behind Sean (Corey) and Paul (Valentine), and we all quickly made plans to ride together. While we were still getting ready, the main group started riding and we were left playing catch-up/riding on our own terms. Lara and Marayah were also getting a late start and the six of us set off together. The roads were quiet and the air still had that familiar damp, morning chill which mixes perfectly with anticipation. (more…)

The Ruckus Test Team Goes To Astoria


Krissy BW




 Part 1 – Krissy’s Story:                      From Wake-Up to Take-Off                 

6:45am alarm goes off. I am still full from Thanksgiving dinner the night before and a bit hazy from the beers and whiskey. I put the coffee on and forced some breakfast down. It’s raining. But it’s not cold (in the 50s). I put my scuba bike gear on as all the weather apps tell me it’s going to rain all day. (more…)

Fast and loose endurance at the Capitol Forest 50

      10584004_702213913166278_848748594922475595_n(Riding like Johnny)

           Back in May, Shawn, Tyler and I went up to the Klitsop Peninsula for the first of the NW Epic Series races, the Stottlemeyer 30/60. We did the 60-miler and were treated to 6 hours of grueling, mud-bog, slick-root single track. It was exhausting, and even demoralizing at times, but overall, and especially in retrospect, an awesome, seriously hard race. A few months later and a couple more endurance-esque rides under my belt, Dan had convinced me to go North again for the Capitol Forest 50/100. This time I opted for the shorter of the two distances, and unlike Stottlemeyer, I had a hell of a time during my race.


Stottlemeyer 60: Beer and Mud in Kitsap

AFY Stottle

May 10th was the 2014 Stottlemeyer 60, my first endurance MTB race ever and only my second MTB race on the year. Tyler, Max, and Dan G had raced a few NW Epic Series races last year and had nothing but good things to say. So although I’d never even ridden 60 miles on a MTB, even in a non-race setting, I was pumped to try Stottlemeyer out and see if I had the legs and lungs to last for 60 miles.


Mid Pack Weaponry at the Gorge Roubaix

Four years ago, I finally felt like I had the tools to get out of the road Cat 4s and into the Cat 3s. I’d spent the winter in Chicago training seriously and was working with a coach. I’d planned an early season of races that played to my strengths, and I’d even done some weight lifting. But after getting crashed out of 3 of the first 4 crits of the year, I said fuck it, and decided to accept that I’d be a Cat 4 road-dogg for life. Since then, even though I’ve given up hope on doing well, I still like to do a road race or two a year and I decided that in 2014, one of those would be the Gorge Roubaix. A newer OBRA race that combines gravel and tarmac on some of the best roads found directly behind the Dalles.