Winter Riding Program- Week 1

Last year we started a program where a different team member would lead Saturday rides for a month. While the meeting spot remained the same, the routes were often wildly different with regard to who the organizer was. The ultimate goals included getting the team together, staying fit through the long winter months, and learning new routes.

The weather this January has made it challenging to get out at all. Freezing temperatures and freezing rain being two of the biggest culprits. However, the Riding Program has begun and our resolve is strong. It is time to ride.
We all met at Upper Left Roasters to catch up and check in about the route. A good group of teammates and other friends were there despite the thermostat being in the 20s and the forecast calling for snow. The plan was to visit a few buttes in the SE/NE area starting with Powell Butte -> Kelly Butte -> Mt Tabor (not a butte) -> and lastly Rocky Butte.
We headed out and it immediately started snowing. Nobody was deterred. When we got to the Springwater and were met with insane headwinds, we lost one. We plodded east to Powell Butte and by then it was really coming down. There was some trepidation and tip overs on the way up which was icier than we anticipated but we summited successfully with smiling faces.
It was at that point there was some cacophony from my bike and like that my derraileur was in my spokes. The hanger had snapped somewhat mysteriously: there wasn’t an obstruction and I hadn’t shifted right then.
We worked together and turned it into a singlespeed but also agreed that I wouldn’t be able to finish the ride, well, none of us would. The roads were getting slick and nobody was getting warmer. Paul agreed to get ahead of us, go home, and come back with his car. We waited at Burgerville and the folks with working bikes decided to ride home while I was more than happy to take the ride in the car.
All in all a classic start to the ride program!

The #ruckustestteam is excited to begin our Saturday ride program again!

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